Tuesday, October 5

Today's news on murder of David Michael Hartley UPDATED Oct 6

Several reports today on the story, which is growing. See the update to my October 3 post on the murder.

October 6 midnight update: World Net Daily has jumped into the fray with an explosive interview they garnered with Zapata County, TX sheriff investigating the case. Also, according to Christian Science Monitor report yesterday Mexican authorities are denying they disputed Tiffany Hartley's account of her husband's death. The same report mentions that heavy rains on Falcon Lake, along with Mexican authorities releasing waters from the dam to keep lake water from "dangerous" level during the rains, may have hampered search efforts for David Hartley's body, according to Mexican sources. However, Texas law enforcement hasn't mentioned anything about the rains interfering with their search for the body. See the update at the end of the original post for both reports.

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