Tuesday, October 12

Will wonders never cease

After 13 days the murder of David Michael Hartley has finally made it onto the front page of Google News. I guess the gremlins that pick the top news stories for Google readers decided that the beheading of a Mexican investigator working on the case of an American citizen murdered in Mexican territory was worthy of a raised eyebrow.

See all the updates at my October 3 post on the murder to catch up with news on the case. And if you're a first-time reader of the Oct 3 post, especially if you're an American reader, I hope you can sqeeze in the time to read the rant that's posted beneath all the updates, and which was the original post.

At first I thought I'd gone too far in railing at Americans, including myself, but I got feedback from several American readers and a few American bloggers who told me I was on the money. In any case, I'm tired of seeing Democrats and Republicans point fingers at each other about Mexico. When nobody's to blame, everybody's to blame.

Before I sign off, I've gotten complaints that I never published Part 2 of the September 28 post, Does Mexico's drug violence parallel Colombia's narco-insurgency?, which features a debate about the two sides of the question. Monday. I Promise.

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