Sunday, July 5

Russia's new super defense weapon: if it works, the best news this century

Of course every other country will have to get hold of the same weapon for it to be really good news for the entire human race. But if I understand the description correctly the Russian weapon will make long-range nuclear weapons obsolete.  As for neutralizing the short-range nukes -- Russian techies have probably chained themselves to the drawing board, to which I would add, "Faster!  Faster!" And no vodka until you've figured it out.  On second thought, more vodka.   

The bad news is the new weapon system isn't operational yet. It still needs to be tested. Yet consider what this could mean if the tests are successful.  

One thing is clear: we can't go on as we've been going, with every tinpot regime on the planet now able to buy its own nukes, and lunatics in Washington talking about 'limited' nuclear war as the way to settle Russia's hash and Russia in retaliation talking about dusting off its 'limited' nukes.

Do you realize what else this new weapon means?  Vladimir Putin could walk off with the Nobel Peace Prize yet.  In 2013 I wrote that Putin wasn't God; that he couldn't save Americans from themselves a second time.  Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he can do it twice.            

Russia claims to have super weapon that disables western satellites and long range arms
July 5, 2015
Daily Record and Sunday Mail (U.K.) 

Russian weapon can zap satellites and switch off long range weapons

Russia is boasting a major advance in electronic warfare technology enabling Vladimir Putin’s armed forces to zap foreign military satellites, and “switch off” enemy weapons.

The new system will muzzle the guidance systems of Western cruise missiles and other high-precision arms, it is claimed.

Its Russian makers say it is a “fundamentally new electronic warfare system” which can be mounted on ground-based as well as air- and sea-borne carriers.

Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) deputy chief Yuri Mayevsky said: “The system will target the enemy’s deck-based, tactical, long-range and strategic aircraft, electronic means and suppress foreign military satellites’ radio-electronic equipment.”

“It will not be based on satellites as this is prohibited by international rules and we comply with this rule.”

The Russian hailing of its new super weapon comes as relations with the West are at their lowest ebb since the collapse of the Soviet Union, with fears of a new Cold War.

[Pundita note: The new Cold War is at least a decade old; right now the fear among sane people is of a hot war with Russia.]

President Vladimir Putin has invested heavily in rebuilding his country’s military might, which has lagged behind the West since the end of the Soviet era.

The new technology “will fully suppress communications, navigation and target location, and the use of high-precision weapons”, said Mikheyev, who did not give further details of the claimed military breakthrough.



bdoran said...

I don't think the Russians and we are natural enemies.

Nor is warmongering wise.

To challenge them in Ukraine is insane.

However madam Putin nor any foreign power has no interests but their own, and you should not be cheering.

By the way as weapons go this is barely above propaganda. They must be talking about DEW - directed energy weapons essentially probably microwave directed EMP and we're also working on the same thing. It can be defeated by a Faraday cage - a microwave oven is a Faraday cage for instance or it would fry your eyeballs looking at it.

Deep breathes. Don't cheer for foreigners. And there is no wonder weapon. Nukes were a wonder weapon and how wonderful are they?

Pundita said...

The view that is driving the American approach to Russia and specifically Putin has earmarks of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment. (Wikipedia has an article about the experiment.) This view of Russians -- as a helpless prisoner of economic and geopolitical situations who can readily be bullied into submission by a strong opponent -- is a fantasy of people whose hatred of Russians is in the pathological range. As such, it grossly misreads not only Russians but also the entire situation in Eurasia. The upshot is a crisis that is lurching toward nuclear war.

So when I write about Putin/Russia, I express whatever I can to shake up the prevailing view in Washington. This won't change the minds of those who hold the view but it might give pause to some who've been influenced by it. If that is considered cheering for foreigners, I see it differently.

Regarding DEW -- the Russians are saying they've hit on a "fundamentally new" electronic warfare system. So it comes down to the interpretation of fundamentally. If they mean fundamentally in a manner of speaking, then we could be in the DEW range of systems. If they mean fundamentally new as in a breakthrough in physics --

bdoran said...

It's doubtful they have broken new ground in physics but that's not my field.

I suspect they're chest thumping.

"fantasy of people whose hatred of Russians is in the pathological range."

Yes. Who might that be? Do they perhaps bear an ancient grudge from the Old World and against all Oaths of Citizenship and Trust use America to carry their water? Not to mention Hedge funds? It grieves me to write these words but we are no longer the Masters of our own land, and the pathology of Washington also casts it's glaring eye towards our own people as well.

In any case this is an American problem and should - and can only be - resolved by Americans. We cannot change Washington's policies by words as they're nothing if not committed and indeed over-commited now. Only by deeds. Look at our problem from that lens.

bdoran said...

Here's more on that RU weapon - it is DEW