Thursday, December 3

Better not spin mass shootings at California office party as workplace violence

So Syed Farook worked as a health inspector for the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, which hosted the holiday party on Wednesday where the shootings occured. And so he reportedly he stormed out of the party, maybe because of some altercation, then returned a short time later with at least one accomplice and started shooting. 

But people who return to an office party a short time later wearing tactical gear and masks and carrying multiple weapons and explosive devices are as much examples of workplace violence as Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter. 

A Washington Post reportpublished at 3:19 AM EST, has the latest details on the San Bernardino massacre, including the name of the accomplice killed along with Farook in a shootout with police: Tashfeen Malik, who may have been Farook's wife or fiancee.  

Obama is already using the incident as another excuse to call for more gun control. If that bastard doesn't get his head out of the clouds and do his job as commander-in-chief, even the nation's grandmothers will have to start learning to shoot an AK47 and lob grenades.  

See Sputnik's report today on the surge in gun sales in the USA during the after-Thanksgiving sales bash.    

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