Wednesday, December 16

Sirs, the war is thataway, if you can stop acting like jumping beans and find it

First order of business: A sacrificial goat has finally been procured:    

Sputnik, Dec 16: Passing the Buck: Turkish Government Shifts Su-24 Blame to Air Force Chief

Now now let's not be crude. It's not passing an American greenback. It's a time-honored tradition. Did I not point out the significance of Turkey's gift of the large floral arrangement that accompanied the return of the killed Russian pilot's remains to Russia?  

Do let's focus before we become the laughing stock of Terror, Inc. Remember what President Putin told the Federal Assembly?  "One fist."  

National leaders said, 'Uh huh,' then continued to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, each bent on pursuing their own geopolitical aims or whatever while Al Qaeda presses on with one-pointed focus.
So now members of Qatar's royal family have been kidnapped while hunting with falcons in the Iraq desert. What did they expect would happen the minute the creation of an 'Islamic force' to fight terrorism was announced?

I understand the idea is in response to bad press about Muslims since Paris and San Bernardino, but do these Muslim leaders understand that a war isn't fought by going to the back of beyond then running around in circles out there?

The same point has been studiously ignored by the U.S.-led NATO contingent. As if to underscore this, Andrew Cockburn has penned a Five Antacid article for Harper's titled, A Special Relationship: The United States is teaming up with Al Qaeda, again.  

The great irony with the Syria situation is that President Assad's enemies believe he knows Jedi mind tricks. But all he's doing is watching a cast of characters straight out of Bleak House run around Syria scheming and plotting against each other.
Then they say, 'That evil Assad is playing us against each other. He has to go.' 


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