Monday, December 21

Reportedly 90 percent Islamic State oil capacity now destroyed in Syria, Iraq

Now if my theory is right that IS is actually a criminal enterprise formed to trade in illegal oil, we should be seeing a rather sudden exit of IS from Syria and Iraq very soon. However, the person who made the announcement is Col. Steve Warren. For some reason I don't consider him a terribly reliable source. 

Maybe this has to do with the time he said it was absolutely true that the Turks warned the Russian crew 10 times after they violated Turkish air space because the warnings were made on an open channel. I can't remember whether he also said he had heard the 10 warnings himself. Anyhow, the problem being that if the Russian aircraft was in Turkish air space at all, and it doesn't seem so, it was there between 14 and 17 seconds. Not much time to issue 10 warnings.     

Int'l Coalition Announces 90% of Daesh Oil Capacity Destroyed in Syria, Iraq
15:01 21.12.2015 (updated 15:47 21.12.2015)

International coalition announced Monday that 90 percent of Daesh oil destroyed in Syria and Iraq, Al-Sumaria Iraqi state TV channel reports.

A spokesman for the US-led coalition, Col. Steve Warren announced Monday the destruction of 90 percent of the Daesh oil capacity in Iraq and Syria, Al-Sumaria reports. [Arabic language] He also noted that terrorists have lost 40 percent of its territory due to coalition's airstrikes.

On Thursday, the UN Security Council passed a resolution obliging all countries to fight against sources of income for terrorists.

It is widely believed the Islamic States receives most of its funding through illegal oil sales and smuggling. Russia has said that much of the illegal oil is smuggled into Turkey and resold on markets.


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