Monday, December 21

Taliban battle police in Afghan town of Sangin. Helmand Province in danger of falling UPDATED 5:55 am ET Mon Dec 12

Mohammad Jan Rasolyaar, deputy governor of Helmand province, took an unusual step over the weekend to ask President Ashraf Ghani for help in an open letter on Facebook.
He said he had no other options left to deliver his message and explain the real situation in Helmand to the President but to turn to Facebook.
Rasolyaar said people around the President didn't want him to know about the reality on the ground there.
He warned that all Helmand province could fall to the Taliban if the President didn't take any action to save it.
From CNN report 5:33 AM ET today,

"At least 90 Afghan soldiers killed in recent fighting" - caption for beeb photo of Taliban fighters
BBC - 40 minutes ago
Fierce fighting is continuing around the police HQ in Sangin, in the Afghan province of Helmand, as security forces try to hold off a Taliban attack.
Police Commander Mohammad Dawood told the BBC via satellite phone that he was surrounded by Taliban fighters and that he needed urgent help.
Otherwise, he added, he and his men couldn't hold for long as they were running out of ammunition.
Helmand's governor says the whole province could fall to the Taliban.
"The bazaar is closed; we have been surrounded for the past two days," Commander Dawood told the BBC's Mahfouz Zubaide.
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