Wednesday, December 9

They destroyed churches but they could not destroy the spirit of Syria's Christians

"Despite being threatened by Daesh extremists, the local residents kept wearing their baptismal crosses and praying."

From Sputnik's photographic essay, published today, Rescued at Last: Christian Villages in Syria Liberated from Daesh. The photos, all taken for Sputnik by Valeriy Melnikov, are overwhelming.      
Over 30 Christian villages in Al-Hasakah province were completely devastated during the initial attack by Daesh forces.
Over 30 thousand Assyrian Christians live in the province of Al-Hasakah in the northeastern part of Syria. Up to 300 civilians were kidnapped and scores were murdered when during February the Daesh forces suddenly attacked the Christian villages there.
Now as the Syrian army drives back the Islamists from the province, the local residents are attempting to pick up the pieces and restore some semblance of a normal life. [...]

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