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  Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:49
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army announced on Saturday that its forces, Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF) are advancing rapidly against the ISIL near the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and are now only 2 km to the city gates and 400 meters to the Palmyra Castle.

"The Syrian government forces' operation was so heavy that the ISIL terrorists left behind their military hardware and retreated from the battlefield," the army announced.

"The Syrian army and its allies have deployed forces only 400 meters away from the historical Palmyra Castle," the army said.

"The ISIL terrorists have been surprised and confused by the rapid and strong operation of the Syrian forces," the army added.

"The ISIL has sustained a heavy death toll and its military hardware has also been destroyed in the operation," the army went on to say.

Syrian army and its allies, backed up by the Russian and Syrian warplanes, have been pounding the militant groups' defense lines and concentration centers near Palmyra in recent weeks to pave the ground for recapturing the city from the ISIL with the lowest number of casualties possible.

On Tuesday, the Syrian Army announced that the country's Air Force stormed the ISIL gathering centers and a military convoy in the Eastern territories of Palmyra in the Central Homs province, inflicting heavy damage on the militants.

"Nearly ten ISIL militants were killed and many more were wounded in the Syrian air attacks," the army said.

"In a separate airstrike, the Syrian bombers traced a long convoy of the ISIL military vehicles coming from Raqqa and targeted it," the army further added.

"Most of the convoys vehicles, loaded with the weapons, ammunition and fresh forces, were destroyed in the airstrike," the army said.

The government forces have deployed a large number of fresh forces, including the army men, NDF and Hezbollah fighters in different directions of Palmyra and are waiting for the imminent conquest of Quaryatayn and Maheen regions to launch a large-scale operation to end the control of the ISIL over Palmyra.


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