Wednesday, December 9

From Gates of Vienna

“One Must Also Liberate Europe”

The following interview with a Syrian couple originally aired on an independent French news outlet. One interviewee spoke in English, and the other in French. The English segments were already subtitled in French, and now the French parts have been subtitled in English.
The subjects of the interview are supporters of — or at least sympathizers with — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Since the primary patron of Mr. Assad’s regime is Russia, the couple’s statements reflect the standard Russian talking points about the civil war in Syria and the American government’s role in financing and supplying various jihad factions, a.k.a. the “Syrian rebels”. Nevertheless, much of what they say is essentially true, and worth listening to.
Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:
Emphasis mine in this excerpt; see GoV for the video and the rest of the interview:

The West couldn’t give a damn about
14:10refugees. For them its a weapon
14:14for capitalism. They want to colonise, because it’s the colonisation
14:18of a country. When Syria tomorrow needs
14:22doctors, engineers,
14:26who will reconstruct this country?
14:30Who? If all the young ones
14:34are in Europe. They want to destroy the future of a country.
14:39They want to destroy the Syrian people, the Syrian state,
14:43and that is their only interest. Because there are many
14:47mafiosi who earn a lot of money. And you see
14:51at the moment how many
14:55of these mafiosi are arrested? Not (even) ten.
14:59But during one year, many doctors,
15:03many engineers, many students have left their country because
15:07Hollande and Merkel and the others said: Come to us.
15:11That is their goal: Not to help people, but to use the people
15:15against the Syrian Government and against the Syria of tomorrow. That is
15:19their goal, that is their project. The Syrian situation, is it comparable
15:24with the Libyan situation?

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