Monday, December 21

Uh oh. Is Al Saud acting out in Nigeria? UPDATED 8:30m ET

See also Saudis Opt for 'Hardline Solutions' to Regional Conflicts; Sputnik, Dec 13.  
I was afraid this would happen if I started hanging out at FARS. I told myself, 'Remember it's the Iranians. Just look for Syrian war news and don't pay attention to anything else.'  

(6:20am update: By the way, FARS is brimming with Syrian war news today; too many reports for me to post.) 

I have no idea if there's any truth to this FARS report but I do know from reports this year from Western mainstream sources that the Saudis are acting act more and more. If I have any of those reports saved I'll find them and update this post with it. [See update] But the gist is that they've become quite the war dogs and it seems challenging anyone to stop them. 

Eyewitness Discloses Saudi Embassy's Role in Masterminding Massacre in Nigeria

Sun Dec 20, 2015 - 6:13

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Saudi embassy in Abuja directly commanded the Nigerian army attacks on the Shiite Muslims in Zaria region which claimed hundreds of civilian lives, an eyewitness and student of the Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, revealed.

"Informed sources from inside the Nigerian regime have stated that the incident happened in coordination with the Saudi embassy and the Nigerian army directly took the order for attack from the Saudi mission in Abuja," Ismail Shoaib said in an interview with al-Waqt news website on Sunday.

"We also saw that the commandoes driving on an army vehicle who attacked the Hussainiya (Shiites' religious center) were not Nigerians and were white people who were spraying bullets directly on the people," he added.

Shoaib also revealed that the new Nigerian government has been receiving financial aids from Saudi Arabia in the past six months of its life.

The Nigerian army attacked two religious centers of the country's Shiite community on December 12, killing hundreds of defenseless civilians there. A few hours later on December 13, the military arrested Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky after raiding his house and killing three of his sons, assistants and followers.

Political activists said on Thursday that the Nigerian army forces were burying and setting fire on the corpses of those Shiite Muslims who had been killed during the recent raids in Zaria region.

"The Nigerian army has buried in mass graves and burnt a large number of dead bodies of those Muslims who have been massacred in the recent army forces' attacks," the activists revealed.

They said that the army was attempting to destroy every evidences of its crimes against the suppressed Muslim community, adding that if it had any convincing reason for the mass-killing, it wouldn’t resort to such methods to conceal its crimes.


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