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Monday, December 21


They're on a roll. 

Syrian Army Scores Victories in 'Fierce Battles' Close to Turkish Border
09:00 - 21.12.2015 (updated 09:35)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), assisted by the Russian Air Force and Hezbollah fighters, is reported to have freed almost all northern Latakia, taking more than ten strategic hilltops under control and killing dozens of terrorists over the weekend.

On Sunday, the SAA pushed militants out of Rweiset Addou, Ketf al-Harami and Yaqouber, the Fars news agency detailed. The three hilltops are located between the regions of Salma and Kabani.
In addition, "the Syrian Army troops and the country's National Defense Forces stormed the militant groups' positions near al-Kabir village, killed or wounded a large number of militants and retook full control over the village," the media outlet cited the Syrian army as saying.
A day earlier, Damascus-led forces scored a number of victories in what the news agency described as "fierce battles" with militants. The large-scale offensive ended with the SAA taking eight strategic heights and a village in the Latakia province under control.
Militants, according to Fars news, fled from Heights 652, 687.5, 526, 662.8, 427, 754.5, Syriatel Tower, Jabal al-Aswad al-Kabir and Atira village. More than 25 terrorists were killed in the operation. The SAA also destroyed military hardware.
[end report]

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