Thursday, December 10

Trump represents a bad road for America? That is the pot calling the kettle black

My reply to Americans who worry that Trump's candidacy is a bad road for the USA:

The entire society of the United States of America is on a bad road and we are far down that road. Although some would date it much earlier we have been an official rogue nation since 2008. That was when we accidentally on purpose encouraged Saakashvili to direct an invasion of South Ossetia. Today w
e are a rogue nation conspiring with several other rogue nations -- Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc., etc. to take control of Syria. 

Against that, weeping about Donald Trump's drepidations is crocodile tears.   

It might have been the BBC that snapped the priceless photo, while he was waiting for camera people to set up for an interview. Saakashvili was chewing his necktie because he was terrified the CIA was going to kill him for messing up the S. Ossetia invasion. He might have been on the phone with his boss. American Senator John McCain.     


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