Wednesday, December 9

Sitreps from Stephen Cohen, Gregory Copley: Russia, Ukraine, Kurds, Syria

So the New York Times finally got around to mentioning that Joe Biden's son Hunter is involved up to his eyeballs in Ukraine. I guess the Times figured the coast is clear, now that it's virtually certain Joe wouldn't be making a presidential run. But why mention it at all? 

Since Charlotte still has control of my Ouija board and I refuse to ask her dear departed bookie for policy insights, I'll just have to guess. 

Lemme see who wrote the report [tap tap tap]  James Risen. Uh oh. That means the Gray Lady has her game face on. And look at the picture they got of Hunter: No photos or I'll have somebody break your arm.

Photo: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

[laughing]  People this is serious. I better read the report [looking at her watch] no not now; I have to get to RT and Sputnik and see if I can learn how the Syrian Army is doing because it takes SANA forever to put up their sitreps. The army was about 3 kilometers from Palmyra yesterday. 

Where was I? The Times is plugged into the CIA in the way the Washington Post is plugged into the State Department.  So is the Times report a sign of more rumblings in the nation's Intelligence Community?

Just from putting my ear to the ground since the Mike Flynn story exploded, the spooks seem pretty alarmed that the Obama regime probably wouldn't have a serious problem with Joe and the rest of the Get Russia crowd starting a nuclear war with Russia. Well, Obama did say he was going to fundamentally transform America.  

Steve Cohen also told John Batchelor last night during his weekly debriefing that Joe Biden and John McCain seem to be running their own foreign policy shop. I'd guess CIA and the ones at DIA who haven't drunk Obama Kool-Aid would have a problem with that too. Turf issues. 

Someone else who would have a turf issue is John Kerry -- you know, the person who's supposed to be America's chief diplomat?  But it wasn't Kerry who gave a rabble-rousing speech to Ukraine's parliament yesterday; it was Vice President Joe Biden, on his fifth or so trip to Kiev. He as much told Ukrainians they had to get Crimea back. 

As to how they would plan to do that without American help -- they couldn't. Here's the video of his speech. Looks like Joe is whipping them up so they do something really stupid, then American troops would have to play the cavalry.         
Lot's more in Steve's report, much of it deeply troubling. Here's the podcast for the discussion.

As to Gregory Copley's report last night to John' Batchelor's audience, it was a show-stopper. In his please pass the salt tone of voice, he dropped one bombshell after another. They'll certainly have a lot to talk about at the White House tomorrow. Here's the podcast; first two segments. 

This new podcast format starts with a short ad, by the way, if you haven't discovered that already

All right, Pundita, calm down. It's just that they've had to walk on eggshells; I think they've even been driving the tanks on eggshells since they got within 10 kilometers. The concern is that Islamic State will blow up what's left of the monuments the minute the army attacks. So if you know any prayers.


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