Friday, June 15

6/11: GCC heavies offer $2.5b bailout to Jordan. 6/15: Jordan recalls envoy from Iran UPDATED

Pundita fell for a fish tale. Moon of Alabama sorted out the real story: Jordan Shows Gratitude For Saudi Gift By Planting Fake News. Oh well, I'm leaving this post up because I love the photos.

Shall we give him $2 billion? What the heck, let's make it 2.5

Now you must promise to be a good boy

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait have offered a $2.5-billion bailout package to Jordan which has been rocked by protests amid an economic crisis.
The Saudi state media announced the package early Monday, a day after the four states met in the holy Saudi city of Mecca at Riyadh’s request to address Jordan’s economic woes,
"In light of the close brotherly ties... it was agreed that the three countries (Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait) would provide an economic aid package to Jordan totaling $2.5 billion," the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported. [...]
June 15: Breaking News: Jordan allegedly withdraws ambassador from Iran – Al-Arabiya
BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:00 P.M.) – Jordan has allegedly withdrawn their ambassador to Iran, Saudi state-owned Al-Arabiya TV claimed [Arabic] this afternoon.
Citing a senior Jordanian official, Al-Arabiya claimed ambassador 'Abdallah Suleiman Abu Raman was transferred from Tehran to ‘Amman this week.
There is no intention of naming another Jordanian ambassador to Tehran at this moment,” the unnamed Jordanian official told Al-Arabiya.
According to the Al-Arabiya source, the reason for the withdrawal is “Jordan’s firm stance on Iran’s policies that involve their interference in the affairs of regional countries.”
The Al-Arabiya source stressed Iran’s specific policies against “the security of the countries in this region, especially Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.”
He added “Saudi Arabia’s security is our security.”
The source confirmed that the Jordanian ambassador to Iran had already returned to Amman this morning after being summoned for consultations on the background of “Iranian interference in Arab affairs.”

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