Wednesday, June 27

Yet another "popular" Syrian group prepares to resist foreign occupiers

I had to read almost to the end of SouthFront's sitrep for news on this latest of resistance groups, which are popping up in Syria like mushrooms after a rainstorm. 

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies have reportedly established full control of the district of Lajat in the province of Daraa. According to pro-government sources, militants in the area have mostly surrendered to government troops.
Additionally, the SAA and its allies liberated the village of Mleha al-‘Atsh and captured the center of Busr al-Harir.
If all these reports are confirmed, government forces have liberated about 400km2 since the start of clashes in northeastern Daraa last week.
An alleged pro-government partisan group, the Popular Resistance in Manbij, has announced the start of preparations for an uprising against foreign occupiers – i.e. forces of the US, France and Turkey – aiming to divide Syria.
In April, a similar group, called the "Popular Resistance in al-Hasakah”, appeared in eastern Syria. This group also threatened the US-led coalition and its proxies with attacks. However, no notable attacks have been carried out so far.
In any case the appearance of such groups shows that far from everyone in northeastern Syria likes the US-led coalition. [Pundita note: Ya think?]

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