Saturday, June 16

Take a good look at what we meddled with. We who know nothing.

I'm addressing this post to American readers. Americans need to get a better idea of what we've been blindly meddling with in Syria. By publishing a printable version of the article I've linked to below, Israel's Haaretz made it easy on the reader; no ads or photographs, no 'Like" or Twitter icons -- nothing to distract the mind from the task of learning from the written word. 

As awful as their actions in Syria, at least the Saudis and Turks know the history of modern Syria -- as do the British and French regimes, which don't seem to have progressed much in their actions in the Middle East since the days described in the Haaretz article.

We in America know nothing. Yet during two regimes, the Obama and Trump ones, we have treated entire populations of humans as guinea pigs. We have treated a nation --  actually a young nation -- as a test laboratory for our ideas of bringing democratic progress to a 'developing' part of the world. 

Now we leave it to Assad, Xi, and Putin to pick up the pieces of our failed experiment, while carping at them even though we understand nothing of what they're are doing to save a nation.
Israel’s secret war for Syria’s independence

Archival documents shed new light on Israel’s secret efforts to guarantee Syria’s sovereignty after 1948, and reveal the surprising relations that existed between the two countries as they each fought for their independence
By Meir Zamir | Jun. 15, 2018 | 4:15 PM



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