Wednesday, June 20

The Southern Offensive gets underway

"No relief for rebels tonight as Syrian troops hammer southwest Syria ahead of offensive" - 6/20, 12:45 AM Syria time - AMN

"Breaking: Syrian Army launches small offensive in northeast Daraa" - 6/20, 1:30 AM Syria time - AMN
"Tonight’s attack by the Syrian Army is a small offensive that is likely being conducted for reconnaissance purposes."

"The Battle of Daraa is happening: Al-Ridwan, Hezbollah's special forces, is participating" - 6/19, Elijah J. Magnier

 "Syria - Ready To Start The Daraa Campaign" - 6/19, Moon of Alabama

Included this one because the analyst is with Chatham House.

The last word goes to Colonel Lang (6/19, Syria and Turkey Notes):
... Heather Nauert and Pompeo el-Magnifico have now warned Syria and Russia against an offensive in the SW of SYRIA.  They cite the de-escalation agreement that the Russians negotiated as though it was a cease-fire protecting the jihadis and FSA rebels who the Israelis treasure so much as a buffer to the east of the forts on the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights (Hauran).  The threats posed by Nauert and Pompeus Maximus are clear.  They are saying that if the SAA attacks to recover its territory the US will attack them in defense of Israel. ...

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