Sunday, June 17

Americans have so much, Mr Trump! Why steal from a poor nation?

I can see how your Saudi bosses would want control of as many Syrian oilfields as you can procure for them, but think of the little babies, Mr Trump! I thought you loved little Syrian babies, from what you said about why you ordered the bombing of a Syrian military base last year.

Just think -- revenue from Syria's oilfields would help the Syrian government rebuild the devastated country, feed and clothe babies, send Syrian children back to school and house them!

From the "Raqqa" section of the FARS report today on SAA operations across Syria during the past 24 hours:
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has set up 2 bases in Eastern Syria to recruit forces with Washington and Riyadh's support and pressure the Syrian army forces' family members.
The Arabic website of Sputnik news agency quoted local sources in Eastern Syria as saying on Saturday that the SDF has established two recruitment centers with the US and Saudi support, trying to coax the young people into joining the SDF by paying a monthly salary of 115,000 Syrian liras.

They also revealed that the SDF has taken hostage a number of Syrian army soldiers who had visited the Kurdish-occupied lands in Raqqa to see their family members.

The SDF also threatened the families with detention if their sons join the army.

The sources also said that the US forces have signed a deal with the Kurds to protect their 11 bases in the oil-rich regions, including 7 bases in Deir Ezzur, 4 in Raqqa, al-Shadadi, Tal Borak and Hasaka.

Meantime, new advanced French missile-launchers and artilleries have been transferred to the US bases in oilfields in Eastern Deir Ezzur.

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