Sunday, June 3

How does Chancellor Merkel plan to put lipstick on this pig?

Invasion as defense. Clever boy.

Merkel Backs Macron's Proposal on European Defense Force
21:22 - June 3, 2018

The politician's decision to give the project a green light is of crucial importance, since German opposition had for a long time been the main obstacle to its implementation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed on Sunday her support for the French president's plan to create a joint European military force that is supposed to intervene in hot spots around the world.

I am in favor of President Macron's proposal for an intervention initiative," the politician told the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

However, such an intervention force with a common military-strategic culture must fit into the structure of defense cooperation," she added

Merkel's decision is a breakthrough in the long-lasting talks, which had previously been hampered by her cautious approach to the idea.

The force is a crucial element of Emmanuel Macron's defense reform, which is aimed at fostering closer integration of European defense capacities.


Ah, wait! I see how it's to be done: reversible arm patches for troop uniforms --  one side reads European Defense Force, the other side reads European Intervention Force:

UK Gives Nod to Macron's Military Intervention Force Initiative - Minister
May 5, 2018

With Brexit looming London looks keen on maintaining close defense ties with the European Union.

Britain is foursquare behind French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative to set up a European military intervention force that could be rapidly deployed in the event of a crisis, a UK minister said.

"We're very keen to support President Macron in this initiative," junior defense minister Frederick Curzon said in an interview with Agence Presse on Saturday ahead of a meeting of EU defense ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria.

While some EU tactical interventional groups exist in principle, so far they have never been used. Since the proposed force, known as the European Intervention Initiative, would stay separate from other EU defense cooperation programs, Britain, which has always resisted the idea of an 'EU army,' will be able to take part even after it has left the bloc.


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