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Uh oh. "SDF Storms Bases of Other US-Backed Militants in N.E. Syria"

June 26, 2018

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) cracked down on bases of Liwa al-Thowar al-Raqqa, another US-backed militant group, in Raqqa on Tuesday and arrested 200 gunmen following intensified tensions between Washington-backed militia groups in Northeastern Syria.

The SDF stormed bases and positions of Liwa al-Thowar al-Raqqa in the Raqqa city and its outskirts and captured a sum of 200 gunmen.

In the meantime, the SDF arrested tens of villagers in the villages of al-Adnaniyeh, al-Rafeqa and al-Ansar, accusing them of supporting the Damascus government.

Local sources said that unprecedented tensions have covered the region due to the SDF measures.

In a relevant development on Monday, almost 5,000 SDF gunmen arrived in Raqqa city and deployed across the city neighborhoods, streets, squares and roads, declaring a two-day curfew in the city and its outskirts.

Yet, the Kurdish-majority SDF sought to justify its increased deployment by mentioning an unspecified threat of ISIL infiltration.

The newly-arrived SDF militias were kept on alert, local sources said.

The sources said that deployment of SDF militias in the city came after intensifying clashes between the SDF and Liwa Thowar al-Raqqa that led to the capture of over 90 members of the latter by the SDF.

The SDF further embarked on arresting Commander of Liwa al-Thowar Abu Issa in the town of Ein Issa in Northern Raqqa after laying siege on the bases of the rival group.

In addition to infighting between US-backed militants, Raqqa has been witnessing several cases of popular uprising so far.



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