Sunday, June 10

What the heck is going on? Daily Mail publishes Hala Jaber interview with Assad

Hala Jaber is an award-winning journalist who got into hot water at the (London) Sunday Times a few years ago when a 'leak' suggested she was a 'Assad regime' friendly. Why, then would Britain's famously anti-Assad Daily Mail send her to interview Assad -- and why at this juncture?

Anyhow, I suspect Jaber told Assad that the attention span of Mail readers is quite short so he'd have to give very compact replies to her hardball questions. That could explain his frenetic hand-waving while he spoke lol -- and his tone, which I think was not so much angry as rushed. She shoehorned 22 questions into a six-minute interview and Assad answered them all. 

SANA has posted the complete transcript and video of the  interview with Arabic translation but the Daily Mail also has the video minus the Arabic script, and their headline and Jaber's report on the interview are more fun to read than SANA's prose:

SANA headline:

"President al-Assad to Mail on Sunday: UK publicly supported White Helmets that are a branch of Al Qaeda, US and UK existence in Syria is invasion"

Daily Mail headline

"I use chemicals? Prove it! Syrian President Assad brands gas attacks 'fake news' and calls Theresa May a 'colonialist and a liar' in astonishing face to face interview"

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