Sunday, June 24

More Syrian rebels want US out of Syria

Yuppers, it started in Raqqa. 

The survivors were pretty ticked off about the way the U.S. and its proxy fighting force liberated them from Islamic State, which was to reduce Raqqa to rubble and kill and injure God Knows how many civilians. 

To add insult to injury the Kurdish liberators started to dragoon any able-bodied survivors, even children, in the attempt to increase the size of their fighting force. This put the Kurds in conflict with Arabs in the region, who already resented the Kurds.

The situation is going downhill fast from there. Yesterday Elijah Magnier reported:
... Only until the US pulls out all its forces or is forced to pull out under the attacks of the “Syrian Resistance” that is beginning to gather strength in the US occupied area of Syria.
The newly announced resistance seems to belong to local tribes, mainly the “Bakkara” and the “al-Assasneh”, and other local groups ready to stand against the US forces, bringing back the memory of the way the insurgency began against the US forces in Baghdad in 2003. ...
In more news from the fast-changing situation in Syria,  several rebel groups in the country's southwest have leaped to help the Syrian Army. 

June 23, RT:
Syrian troops came under massive attack in the southwest of the country overnight, the Russian Reconciliation Center said on Saturday. Around 1,000 terrorists from Al-Nusra Front (currently known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) [Al Qaeda] attacked positions of the 9th tank division, inflicting casualties and causing damage to homes of civilians.
The Syrian Army was joined by rebel militants in repelling the attack, who requested help in fighting Al-Nusra through the Reconciliation Center. Earlier this week, several rebel groups operating the southwest decided to side with the Syrian government. While the terrorist attack was foiled on some points, fighting continues in several other locations, according to the Russian military.

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