Sunday, June 17

Kitchen scene in "Gremlins" the story of Bashar al-Assad's life

The number of foreign leaders (8 at last count) and their mercenaries (from 100+ countries) trying to overthrow him are just like Gremlins -- everywhere he looks they're popping out at him. Unfortunately, however, they're too big to stuff in a microwave oven.

Meanwhile: US-Backed SDF in Eastern Syria Threatens Families of Army Forces
... In a relevant development on Wednesday, a group of Italian forces and military advisors arrived in one of the largest oilfields in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur to provide backup for the SDF, a media source reported.
The Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency quoted local sources as saying that a number of Italian soldiers arrived in al-Omar oilfield that is under SDF's control and is one of the US forces' bases in Deir Ezzur.
Anadolu further said that the Italian group, including 20 soldiers and several military advisors, entered Hasaka from Iraq last week and later moved toward Southern Deir Ezzur.
The Italian forces' arrival in Syria came after French forces entered and deployed in regions' under SDF's control in Northern Syria almost three months ago. ...
Meanwhile: US Attempts to Coax Tribes in Eastern Syria into Facilitating Terrorists' Transfer
... The Arabic website of Sputnik news agency quoted tribal sources in Eastern Syria as saying that the US forces transfer the ISIL terrorists from the desert region bordering Iraq to al-Tanf through al-Sukhneh in Homs.
Meantime, one of the prominent tribal leaders in Eastern Syria revealed that Mohannad al-Tala, a US proxy and commander of the so-called New Syrian Forces group in the US base in al-Tanf, has contacted the Syrian tribes, calling on them to open a passage for the terrorists to leave al-Tanf for Deir Ezzur to reach al-Omar oil field.
He added that the US forces fear uprisings by the people in Eastern Syria, noting that one of their goals to approach the tribes is to keep deployment in the region as Washington attempts to win the cooperation of the tribes in Manbij, Hasaka and Deir Ezzur have all failed.
Meantime, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has freed its militant inmates and sent them to the battlefield to attack al-Tanf-Sukhneh road in Homs and open a passageway and the Jordan road to al-Tanf.
The US forces had in the past 10 days been busy with transferring the ISIL terrorists with at least 10 armored trucks and heavy artillery to attack Albu Kamal from Abu Hameseh in Hasaka. ...
Meanwhile: Infighting Erupts among US-Backed Terrorists after Looting Arms Depot in Northeastern Syria

Meanwhile Infighting Intensified among Ankara-Backed Militants in Northern Aleppo


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