Thursday, June 7

Elijah Magnier's latest Syrian War sitrep is a 'must' listen as the war enters the most dangerous phase

SouthFront's interview today with Elijah J. Magnier is posted at YouTube but I hope you will pick up the video at the SouthFront site. I've poked fun at SF about their war maps, but I am grateful to them for trying, on a shoestring budget, to bring accurate daily information on the Syrian war to the English-speaking Western public. 

Their experiment with 'live feeds' is still, well, experimental so about the first minute of the feed gets off a rocky start and the interviewer's voice is plagued throughout by an echo, but Magnier's answers, in English, are wonderfully clear as are his insights. He is one of the very few independent observers of the Syrian War with lengthy experience analyzing conflict situations in the Middle East region.

Magnier's articles for his website are translated into a number of languages but here is the link for the articles available in English. All articles currently shown at the site, even the 'dated' ones, are important reads for those trying to understand the incredibly complicated situation of the Syrian war. He also has a Twitter page

The SF discussion with Magnier on the Syrian situation takes up about a half hour of the 48 minute interview, with the rest about Magnier's forthcoming book on Hezbollah. Yes a half hour is an investment of time, but not when I think of how much time I've wasted over the years plowing through Syrian War analyses from people whose idea of a sitrep is wild guessing. Magnier actually knows what he's talking about. 


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