Tuesday, June 26

Poetic Justice

Today I saw out of the corner of my eye a headline, maybe at Sputnik, that the U.S. was threatening to slap sanctions on NATO ally Turkey if Erdogan went ahead with the purchase of an S-400 missile interceptor from the Kremlin.  And NATO chiefs have had to suffer the indignity of Erdogan ascending to president for life in a farce that was called a democratic election.   

In short the NATO bosses are now having no choice but to notice they have a viper in their midst. Poor dears! Where is my Kleenex box?

If only they'd noticed when Erdogan sent goons to dismantle Aleppo's industrial sector and truck its factories piecemeal to Turkey. They also failed to notice the Erdogan regime's crude oil business with Islamic State in Syria. Oil tanker convoys on the highway every day from Raqqa to Turkey, right under the all-seeing eyes of NATO satellites until Vladimir Putin put a stop to the outrage.    

But I have other things on my mind today. I am ticked off at RT because of a report headlined New American Civil War? Some people think it’s already begun. The reporter fails to mention what the editorial staff at RT should know, which is that it was Michael Vlahos and John Batchelor who coined the term 'New American Civil War' and have been discussing it from many angles on John's show almost every Friday since -- at least since the beginning of the year and maybe earlier. 

Indeed Michael will be teaching a college course this fall which explores the possibility of a new civil war in the United States. While I don't agree with everything he and John say on the topic these are thought-provoking discussions, which I've been meaning to link to at my blog for months if only the Trump regime would leave Syria so I can turn my attention to other matters.  

Is there actually real intercernine warfare brewing in the USA that could tear the union apart? Well, that's the big question but what is happening right now -- something the early Batchelor-Vlahos discussions on the question foretold -- is a deepening entrenchment of opposing sides. The sides are the politically Liberal 'elites' and the rest of Americans, who've been stuffed by the elites into the category of populists.

Michael and John haven't asked for my opinion on the matter, but if they did I would refer them to my warning a year or two ago. I'd noticed the odd fact that the more that foreign governments worked to tear Syria apart, the more their own societies were tearing apart from the inside.    

So in my view if Americans would like to see a civil war break out in their country, just keep supporting the official U.S. policy of sowing dissension in other countries on the excuse it's for a noble end.

Just a reminder that some mills of justice grind outside the legal systems of humans.


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