Tuesday, June 26

Syrians increasingly angered at other countries trampling on their sovereignty

It might be dead in Europe but Syrians are appreciating the beauties of the Westphalian System, which never really took hold in the Middle East. Yes indeed, there's nothing like foreign regimes unleashing carnage and chaos in one's country for years on end to give one an appreciation for national sovereignty. 

The 'popular uprisings' and 'resistance' movements against foreigner occupiers in Syria are not large at this point but they're continuing to grow. This could turn out to be the real Syrian Spring. Better late than never.      
Popular Uprisings against Turkish Army Continue in Northern Syria
June 26, 2018

TEHRAN (FNA)- Hundreds of people poured into the street in the town of al-Bab on Tuesday and protesting against the deployment of the Turkish army and its allied militants in the region.

Hundreds of people took to the streets in al-Bab again and chanted slogans against the Turkish army and its militant allies, calling for their expulsion.

Local sources said that the Ankara forces' brutalities, including burning farms and houses, looting their assets and infighting among the militants have angered people.

Al-Bab civilians' demonstration was the second in the current week.

In a similar development on Sunday, people in al-Bab took to the streets and called for the exit from their region of Syria's Tahrir Front affiliated with the Ankara-backed forces and called for release of civilians captured by the occupiers. 



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