Thursday, June 28

Police responded to Capitol Gazette shooting in about 60 seconds, went straight after the shooter UPDATED 8:20 PM, 11:37 PM ET


Jarrod Ramos, 38, identified as suspect in Annapolis shooting; CBS News, 8:57 PM

Ramos nursed a grudge against the Capitol Gazette for years according to the CBS report.   

From Washington, DC WTOP radio broadcast of the 8 PM presser conducted by acting chief of Anne Arundel police department:
  • 5 confirmed dead and only 2 injured, slightly -- injuries might have been from glass shards 
  • Detectives still interviewing the perp, who has given his name, or the police have identified him by some means, and have obtained his address
  • He is a Maryland resident -- possibly lives in Annapolis
  • Police are in the process of getting a search warrant for his residence
  • The suspected IED police found at the scene turned out to be a bag full of smoke canisters
  • Motive for the shooting still not known 


The Anne Arundel county police were so well trained to deal with an 'active' mass shooting they were ready to take on a small army inside the Capitol Gazette building. The shooting is of course a tragedy but the police response was a model for what all police forces have to aim for in this era of surprise attacks on large numbers of civilians. No reccointoring, no waiting for backup; just charge in there and stop the shooters(s) by any means necessary. That's what the police did in the case of the Capitol Gazette shooting and boy did it pay off!  

And it wasn't only the one police department that was superlatively trained, according to a spokesman during the second press conference on the incident, at around 5:30 PM ET -- it was also police and fire forces and other first responders in nearby regions, and were coordinated.  Everyone knew what to do without waiting around, no confusion.  Bravo all concerned!  

A few minutes after the presser a reporter for WMAL radio here in Washington, who was at the scene by that time, said in awe that as far as the eye could see, there were vehicles for all the various first responders.

That's what it takes in this era -- preparation and drill, drill, drill because mass murderers don't give anyone the time to figure things out after the shooting starts. 

The next presser is scheduled for 8 PM ET -- oh, right now.


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